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Arne Martin, owner of MSE Welding & Fabrication had been providing welding, machine and metal fabrication services since 1983.  During that time, he established an excellent reputation for an eye for detail, craftmanship and creativity.

Arne is also an avid hunter and outdoorsman.  For years he had been going hunting and camping with just a tent and sleeping bag to throw on the ground.   No way could he get a camp trailer were he liked to hunt and camp.   He tried horse and mule packing which is absolutely a great way to get into the back country but he didn't like to mess with them so he kept thinking over the years of what kind of camp trailer he could take into rough 4x4 country that would be durable enough to withstand offroad driving, carry lots of camping supplies, be light enough to be pulled with his landcruiser, be simple and fast to set up so he could spend his time hunting, fishing and just enjoying the outdoors and best of all, be roomy and comfortable with lots of head room to stand up because he stands 6' 4".

Finally, he came up with the idea and design of the HAULTENT Expedition trailer which has proven to do just that because he built it with the finest, lightest and strongest material, aluminum and it won't rust!  It easily accomadates his wife and 2 children.  He decided that the HAULTENT didn't need to have any of the extra frills that other camp trailers have because that would have defeated his purpose of taking it in rough country and have everything survive in one piece.  Also, after talking with many outdoorsmen and family that had owned camp trailers, he decided that having the stove, refrigerator, water storage built in permanent was not what he wanted.  Having these options portable has the advantage of cooking inside when it is cold, or outside when it is hot and portable coolers and water can be moved to provide more room if needed.  (And yes, now available as options, built in heater, 16 gal. electric water tank and more. Check it out by clicking on options.)

HAULTENT is so simple and versatile that it can be reconfigured to anyone's needs. There have been many camp trips where 8 people or more have sat comfortably in HAULTENT out of the wind and cold while the dinner was being prepared . Awnings can be added to the front of the tent. The tent can be left off for that great sleep under the stars but be off the ground in a comfortable bed as well.  The possibilities are endless!

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